'I don't feel unsafe in Delhi'

'I don't feel unsafe in Delhi'

'I don't feel unsafe in Delhi'

Business is not only her passion, but her hobby too. Known as a ‘serial entrepreneur’ in the industry as she is always on the move, looking for business opportunities and expanding her scope of work, Seana Wade, CEO, Modiglobe has now made Delhi her home. And she is in love with the City!

Seana, originally from Canada, belongs to a family of entrepreneurs and found her own share of success at a very early age. She came to India with a fresh approach to the fastest growing travel industry in India. 

Speaking to Metrolife, Seana shared her first experience about Delhi, “I had read everything I could get my hands on prior to coming to Delhi. I read cultural books and spoke to as many people as I could to get a sense of what India was like. My first reaction was that this was as far away from Vancouver as I could have ever imagined.”

So, how is the work culture here ?
“I find Indians very hard working and dedicated to their families. Also, when I interact with people outside the office, I find people to be very nice, accommodating and sometimes, I think, being a foreigner helps generate more interest in business alliances too.”

Seana, who has made many friends in Delhi - both expat and Indian, feels understood when she is with her expat friends. Whereas, with Indian friends she is always in a learning mode about the local life and culture. In an effort to gel more with Indians, she has also started taking Hindi classes, which gives her Indian friends a good laugh!

Taking out time from her busy schedule, Seana has visited all the historical monuments in Delhi. “I have visited all the monuments and tourist destinations in Delhi and I love using my Pan Card to get the local entry rate. It always brings surprise to the ticket seller’s face. And among the market places, Lajpat Nagar and Hauz Khas Village are my favourites.”

The free-minded spirit, Seana is enjoying every bit of her life in Delhi with her two daughters. Talking about the problems she has been facing in Delhi, the entrepreneur said, “Delhi lacks infrastructure, slow internet which also slows down my work, the
inconsistent power, no traffic rules and no sidewalks to keep pedestrians safe. But, to talk about the positives, the city has a great entrepreneurial spirit and there is a constant flexibility in everything that you do. And last but not the least, Holi festival. Everyone in the world should celebrate this festival.”

Talking about the increasing crime rate in Delhi, Seana, said, “I don’t feel unsafe in Delhi, but it might be because I don’t put myself in questionable situations. Crime is everywhere, foreigner or not you have to be aware of your surroundings.”
Finally, on the food front, she said, “North Indian is one of my favourites and my kids also enjoy it for its spices. My favourite dish is chicken tikka masala or butter chicken with rumali roti, but I also love simpler dishes like aloo gobi or chickpea sabzi.”