Floods, a harbinger of inter-state harmony

Floods, a harbinger of inter-state harmony

It’s water everywhere in this part of the world this rainy season and the humble boat has become the primary mode of transport, in the absence of roads that are inundated by rivers in spate.

Boats are also serving as a bonding tool between Karnataka and Maharashtra, which are often in the news more for the border dispute between them.

People in villages like Jugul and Shahapur in the Chikodi sub-division and those in Khadripur and Rajapur on the other side of the inter-state border are relying on these boats for to-and-fro transportation. The boats have also been saving time and distance for the people. While two boats have been pressed into service by Karnataka, one has been deployed by Maharashtra.

This mode of transport has also been a source of livelihood for the families of boatmen like Kallappa Ambiger, who hails from Jugul. While they ferry the locals for free, they charge Rs five per head for outsiders.

Transport by boats also comes in handy for the huge number of pilgrims who visit the Kopeshwar temple in Maharashtra. Kopeshwar was earlier part of the State, but is now in Maharashtra. People on both the sides of the inter-state border are living in harmony, Ambiger said. The boats are also the means of transport for residents in Khadripur, who come to this side of the border for jobs. Monday is the weekly shandy day in Jugul..

Severe floods can affect the boats services. That is the reason why a bridge needs to be constructed across the waters to link the two states, so that it can reduce the distance between them and pave the way for progress and development.

Flood situation eases

Water levels in River Krishna and its tributaries continued to recede for the third consecutive day in the villages in Belgaum district on Tuesday. The levels in rivers Krishna, Doodhganga and Vedganga receded by about two feet. Water inflow into the State was 2.10 lakh cusecs on Tuesday, while discharge from Maharashtra was 2.59 lakh cusecs.

The subsiding rains in Maharashtra and the decreasing discharge of water from the neighbouring state have eased the flood situation in Karnataka. The water level in River Krishna in Chikodi taluk is on the decline and a similar trend is expected in Raibagh and Athani taluks. 

However, agricultural lands continued to remain under water. Crops in 824 hectares in 39 villages of Chikodi sub-division suffered damages. As per initial estimates, the losses are to the tune of Rs 3.32 crore.

Since the beginning of monsoon, 111 houses in the district have suffered damages and losses were estimated to be worth Rs 22.08 lakh.

Bridge submerged

Shahpur (Gulbarga dist): Movement of heavy vehicles was suspended on the Kollura (M)-Devadurga bridge across River Krishna on Tuesday, with water flowing over it, following the release of 2.8 lakh cusecs of water on Monday evening from the Narayanpur reservoir.

The bridge is a major link on the Gulbarga-Raichur road. Hundreds of acres of cotton, paddy and green gram crops were destroyed with water entering agriculture fields at Ikura, Anakasugura, Haiyala and Yakshinti Gowdoora villages on the banks of the river.

The total loss will be estimated after a joint survey by officials of the revenue and agriculture departments, after the flood recedes. There has been flood in the region in the last 12 days, but it had receded in the last three days. However, the sudden release of water from the dam increased the water levels on Tuesday.  

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