'Never done anything like this'

'Never done anything like this'

Actress Soha Ali Khan, who was in the City on Sunday, charmed many with her elegance and simplicity. She was here for the launch of Tum Mile, which she described as one movie that would stay with her for a long time, for both good and bad reasons.

When asked about her experiences while shooting for the movie, she says, “It was soul-destroying but memorable too. I had never done anything like this before. We had to shoot in water for 40 days and had to be wet all the time. I was told that the water was cleaned everyday but I never saw anyone cleaning it.”

The most horrifying part of the shoot was the underwater scenes, she feels. Soha still freaks thinking about it. She says, “I am not a person who likes too much water and when it comes to shooting underwater, I am all the more allergic. But we had to do it and it was really scary. I am happy that it is over now.”
Soha is happy that nobody was hurt while shooting for the film. One had to wade through water from one end to another. “It was a miracle that nobody was hurt. Emraan narrowly escaped a mishap,” she adds.

The chemistry between her and Emraan was natural. “Our characters were well-written and I liked that a lot. To act in a film like this, one has to be very professional and not throw tantrums. Both of us did not crib nor did we throw tantrums,” she says.
Apart from the flood scenes, there was not much difficulty. “A lot of my own personality traits are present in the character, so it was much easier for me.” When she heard about the movie, she says, “I was very excited about my role, it is a love story that drains. The hero and the heroine were given equal importance and they were not treated higher than the other. I liked this aspect of the movie.”

Soha also spoke about her movie Life Goes On, in which she has shared screen space with her mother Sharmila Tagore. The film was screened at the Mumbai International Film Festival. “It was a good opportunity to work with my mother. It was quite scary since she is my mother and she knows every expression of mine. She could sense everything well. It was nice to work with her,” she says.

Apart from the movies, Soha also talked about shopping, which she finds a very easy affair. “I sit at home and select my clothes, it’s all outsourced and when it comes home. I just pick up what I want.” She prefers casual clothes.
Her idea of a perfect holiday is “wherever there are good beaches and clear water. Maldives is a nice place to go for a holiday,” she adds.  

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