Nostalgic about wonderful days

Convocation Ceremony

Nostalgic about wonderful days

The 2013 batch of students from NMKRV College for Women were conferred their undergraduate degrees during the recent convocation ceremony held at the college premises. It was an emotional experience for the graduates, who all have their aspirations and goals for a brighter future. “Getting the degree is like a dream come true.

But I really miss the lively atmosphere of college. Getting used to working life has meant adjusting to hectic schedules,” says graduate Arti Goswami. Bhagya S, who got a BSc degree, says that she is relishing the new-found freedom as she waits to join a Masters course. “The atmosphere in college was very strict. Discipline and punctuality were given a lot of importance. I remember if we came late, we were made to stand outside class. But as long as I was in college, I really enjoyed it — especially since the teaching was outstanding,” she explains.

Veena S and Veena G feel that their time in college was a wonderful phase. “We had a fantastic time here. We had really good teachers and miss everything about college,” says Veena S, who is pursuing an MBA after having completed BCom.

The sense of security and the shield that college provides is what Veena G misses the most. “The convocation brings along with it a sense of nervousness, particularly about the future. College was a great experience with a really conducive environment,” she expresses. Sowbhagya, who completed BSc and is currently pursuing a BEd degree, says that she misses her friends and lecturers. “I really miss chemistry practicals. That was my favourite subject,” she says. Ruksana Begum, who is looking out for a job, says she enjoyed the numerous cultural activities that the college holds. “Although I didn’t take part in many events, I used to love being a spectator,” she says.   

Faculty members who taught the students were all praises for the batch. Roopashree A, one of the professors, says, “It’s been a good experience teaching this batch of students. They worked hard and had a good foundation. In the future, they must work on improving their abilities, especially since they have a lot of potential. Another important area they need to work on is on catching up on current affairs.”

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