Living up to expectations of living in

Living up to expectations of living in


Living up to expectations of living in

Though the concept of a live-in isn’t new in urban India, it is in news again with the upcoming film Shuddh Desi Romance. Even on prior occasions, movies like Salaam Namaste and Pyar ka Punchnama have sprouted debates on the complexities of love, attraction and commitment that today’s youth faces.

The two most common reasons cited by live-in partners are - the ease to spend time together and the luxury to cut down on expenses. “I met him at a party and we started seeing each other,” shares Pallabi who has been in a live-in since a year-and-a-half. “The main motive is to understand each other and our parents know that we are living-in.

Initially they said, ‘Soch lo, it might not be a good decision’ but now they are quite okay with the thought. I decided to live-in to know more about him. Initially, the fights were very frequent but now we feel a connection and want to get back even if we fight,” adds the 27-year old who is not sure, if she would have taken the same decision back in Assam, her home town, due to “society” but Aditya, her boyfriend feels that “the awkwardnesss that our parents feel would have stopped us from doing so.”

Both Pallabi and Aditya are not against marriage but just want to know their compatibility levels before entering into a life-long bond. There are others who did not get along. “It was good that I decided to be in a live-in else if I would have married my girlfriend then it would have become an obligation to stay together,” says Nakul who broke up after a year.

The 26-year old took up a job in Gurgaon, a few years back and started living with his colleague to save on travelling-time from Noida. “My parents knew about it but I never told them directly. But it is high time that the Indian society starts respecting the decision of youngsters,” he adds supporting the role played by movies. “Bollywood occupies most of the youngsters’ time specially during weekends and it has already helped in making a difference in society by changing mindsets.”

The topic, however, remain debatable. The equations of love and commitment change with time for youngsters. Vishal, in his second live-in since four months, says, “For me, the relationship works till I am happy in it. I am loyal to my partner but if I am not happy with her then I get out of it and never look back.”

Brought up in metropolitan cities, he doesn’t think that his parents back in Ludhiana would understand. “Even if they do, my grandparents and the other uneducated lot will never understand. Even movies cannot influence them. Films do have an impact but that lasts only a day or two!”