Acts of true love

Acts of true love

The human love could be of many kinds – love for a child, parent, spouse, sibling, friend, and even love for pets.

And we humans are gifted with this unique capacity to convey love through umpteen various gestures. One sure-shot way of conveying one’s sincere love for a person is by trying to do such things that give singular happiness to that person.

For instance, recently, a friend was mentioning about her plans of a surprise visit to the place of her aunt, leading a solitary existence. She was saying that she’d take her aunt to shopping sorties, which happens to be my friend’s idea of recreation!

Here, we see the person trying to convey love is thinking of doing something that she likes, and not what the love-receiver likes. Perhaps, her aunt might have loved to be escorted to a film or friend’s place instead!

Similarly, when we are engulfed by the desire to exhibit our love towards our parents, we invariably try doing things that give us joy, instead of thinking what delights them. Here again, I have another friend, who is generally attired in western outfits, much to the chagrin of her orthodox parents. She has this habit of plying her parents with plethora of gifts, each time she visits them. Instead, if she tries draping herself in traditional robes during her visits to her parents’ place, this would make them happy.

And, we be hold many parents too showing the love to their children by cocooning them in comforts. But when it comes to academics, we find them dictating terms by foisting on children their views/aspirations!

They try giving their children the Hobson’s choice, thus straitjacketing their other educational choices, and indirectly subjecting them to insuperable mental stress. Of course, parental guidance is crucial, but that can be done by giving enough leeway to children, to nurture their own individuality or passions in life.

Ditto in case of the relationship between friends or even spouses. One way of displaying the true love for one another is by giving each other ample breathing space! Also, the true love towards a person is shown when we constantly stand by him/her, in moments of both tears and triumphs.

Finally, regarding love for pets, often we watch the pedigree dogs, perpetually fettered in the dingy spaces, enduring the assaults from blazing sun or lashings rains. Ironically, these hapless animals are owned by those folks who claim to be great lovers of quadrupeds! Apparently, the true love is when you keep the ‘love-receiver’ not only ever happy but even ever comfy, too.

In a nutshell, the true act of genuine love is doing such things that the love-receiver wishes you to do, and not what you wish to do for them. Of course, this may entail a whit of our sacrifices. But then again, what’s life without sacrifices?