Students choose myriad ways to honour teachers

Students choose myriad ways to honour teachers

Students choose myriad ways to honour teachers

Schools and educational institutions in the City celebrated Teachers’ Day on Thursday in their own unique ways.

Students and teachers at the chemical engineering department of the Indian Institute of Science always kept it simple and meaningful when it came to remembering the special day. “We invited professors from our department for a chat where they shared their experiences from their days in college and on other subjects. And we, students, also recounted anecdotes about our days spent here,” said Ganesh Madabattula, a PhD student.

“It is always a great experience to be apart of the celebration. One feels greatly rewarded,” said Narendra Dixit, an associate professor in the department. At the Old Fort PU College, K R Market, students switched roles for the day. At a programme, Rama S, a II PU student, had his teachers spellbound as he spoke on the significance of the life of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, on whose birthday Teachers’ Day is celebrated.

C K Sriram, principal of the college, was all praise for his student’s oratorical skills, but got nostalgic about his early days as a teacher. “I got into teaching right after my postgraduation. Initially, I was not so sure about the profession. However, with time I realised I loved teaching. It has been 25 years since. Being with young students and interacting with them has truly been rewarding,” said Sriram.

Even at the BBMP High School in Tasker Town, students made speeches on Radhakrishnan. “Five students spoke on the occasion. Students are becoming wiser than teachers these days,” said a jestful Shivakumar who teaches at the school.

At Mount Litera Zee School in Kadugodi, the celebrations were more about gestures and symbols of respect. A number of students and their parents expressed their gratitude to teachers on the ‘Thank You Wall’ specially erected at the school.

Students at the Canadian International School, Yelahanka, were seen presenting flowers to their teachers. “I wish all the teachers who have taught me, given me so much knowledge and have helped me be the person I am,” said Aishwarya, a 12th standard student of the school.