Lending an ear to the customer

Lending an ear to the customer

Fresh sweets

Offering a combination of sweet and sour items, Carnival, a small bakery located in HSR Layout has a wide range of mouth-watering delicacies. Entrepreneurs Satish and Shreelakshmi started the eatery almost five years ago.

They felt that there was a hole in the market when it came to customised bakery items.

“It has almost been five years now since we started this place. We had graduated from college then and we have not looked back ever since. The unique selling point of our eatery is that the customers can have a look at how we are making a particular item.

While most bakeries don’t allow the customers to come into their kitchen or workshops, we have broken these norms. The customer can drop in and see their cakes being made right in front of them. We believe in customising the cakes according to the wishes of the customers. They can decide the designs and tell us the same and we will make it accordingly,” elaborates Satish.

The eatery not only specialises in various types of customised cakes, there is a host of interesting and colourful quick munchies for those who want to have something unique.
Those with a sweet tooth can try the ‘chocolate hedgehog’, laced with chocolate, candy, and other shavings.

They not only look appealing but are quite a treat for the taste buds.
Choco ball, fruit tart, chocolate tart and choco brownie have generous layers of chocolate and are a must have for those who swear by chocolate. Tiramisu, black forest pudding, mango butterscotch souffle, strawberry pudding, blueberry mousse are also in the offing.
Hot and fresh doughnuts, straight from the oven, are a good option as well. Colourful and aromatic, they can be enjoyed over a cup of coffee. ‘Sugar choco doughnuts’, ‘pinwheel doughnuts’, ‘cake pops’, ‘coin donuts’, cupcake with frosting and apple crumble pie are some of the other items available here.

The availability of myriad flavours makes this eatery a perfect place to unwind. One can also sample a host of other dishes such as red pasta, pasta salad, veg hakka noodles, veg manchurian, pav bhaji and veg dum biryani. “We have tried and incorporated all the dishes that people want to try when they go to a food joint. From the regular vegetable puffs, pizzas to herb cheese toast, veg hot dog roll, calzone pizza, paneer tikka, harabhara kebab, we serve a wide variety,” explains Satish.

If the bakery is one of their strong points, sandwiches also happen to be their forte. Made with fresh vegetables and bread, these are quite tempting. Coleslaw salad roll, croissant and cheese sandwich, pinwheel sandwich, paneer chilli sandwich, veg coleslaw sandwich and Russian salad sandwich is made according to the order and served fresh. The eatery is located at 1018, 13th Cross, 24th Main, Sector 1, HSR Layout.