Designs inspired by tradition

Designs inspired by tradition

Designs inspired by tradition

Porcelain sculpture-maker Lladro unveiled its Ram Darbar collection at its store in the City recently. The Spanish luxury brand had introduced ‘Ram and Sita’ last Deepavali, and this year, to make an addition and complete this collection, the ‘Lakshman and Hanuman’ sculptures were brought out. 

Introducing the 60-year-old brand, Nikhil Lamba, COO (Bangalore), Brand Lladro, said, “All the products of Lladro are handmade and come from Valencia in Spain. About 15 sculptors work on the products that are exported to 120 countries.”

 Nikhil added, “Lladro products represent the different aspects and phases of human life. There are products for every occasion. Sculptures of man and woman, mother and child or a group of girls, there are various sculptures to represent the different phases of human relations.” 

There are also sculptures of animals and sportspersons too, he said. 

About the latest collection, Ram Darbar, he said that this was part of the ‘Spirit of India’ collection that the company introduced many years ago. 

Angeles Lladro, vice-president of Lladro, was present at the event to launch the collection. 

She said, “There are sculptures of Goddess Lakshmi, a limited edition series, Ganesha, Lord Krishna and Radha Krishna series — all launched as part of the ‘Spirit of India’ collection. This is the festive season in the country and we thought the addition to Ram Darbar could not have been brought out at a better time. Our designs are mainly inspired by the tradition and customs that are followed here. ” 

The sculpture-makers are mostly popular for horse pieces. 

The store lodges a variety of sculptures like ‘Backstage Ballet’, which is considered to be one of the best pieces, and a dragon sculpture which was introduced in 2012 to represent the ‘Dragon Year’ in Chinese calendar. 

The porcelain sculptures are available in both matte and glazed finish.