Infused with energy and style

Infused with energy and style

Infused with energy and style

A performance by Norig was recently held at the Alliance Francaise and succeeded in showcasing the magic of gypsy music. 

With the typical low-to-high tempo songs that gypsy music is known for, the performance was a delight for all the audience members. 

The singer, who surprised the crowd with her talent and charm, kept the programme lively by encouraging everyone to clap and dance along. She even took off her heels and grooved to a few numbers to get the audience involved. 

She performed with accompanists Mathias Levy on violin, Olivier Lorang on double bass and Joris Viquesnel on guitar. 

The group did its best to make sure that everyone enjoyed the show. 

The different pieces that were performed included Ciririp, which was a song about the chirping of birds; Astai Viatsa Mea; Cobzar, a Romanian piece about solitude; a popular gypsy number Ederlezi, which is a celebration song sung at the end of winter and a few instrumental pieces.

They rendered a few lively numbers like Dumbala Dumba, which had the audience dancing in front of and on the stage and Camaraula, which was a dramatic song about a husband knowing that his wife is cheating on him. 

A lullaby song, called Sov Sov, was a contrast to the otherwise foot-tapping numbers that Norig sang. 

   The auditorium was packed with music enthusiasts, making it evident that the performers were doing something right.

Speaking about the response they got, Joris Viquesnel, a member of the group, said, “This has been one of our best concerts ever. The way the people were applauding and dancing with energy was exciting and prodded us to perform better. I’ve never seen such energy and this will be one of my most pleasant memories of the City and India.”

Commenting on the concert, Sundareshan Jayaprakash, a music connoisseur from Whitefield, said, “Seeing the crowd in the hall itself got me excited. Despite being a free event and not much hype being created about the same, people from across the City are here and that speaks volumes about the variety of music that people like here.” He added, “Norig has definitely charmed many a heart here.”

K Hemalatha, a music teacher who’s researching music and its effects on human behaviour, said that the concert was lively enough to lift the spirits. “Norig has a special talent — she can brighten anyone’s mood with her music, her dancing style and her smile,” she said.