Mukesh's parents plead for leniency

Mukesh's parents plead for leniency

Mukesh's parents plead for leniency

Accused Mukesh Singh’s parents were inconsolable after the verdict was pronounced in the December 16 gang-rape case by Saket Court on Tuesday.

Mange Lal Singh and Kalyani Devi broke down in tears in Additional Sessions Judge Yogesh Khanna’s courtroom before being guided outside the premises by lawyers.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, the couple said they expected death penalty to their youngest son due to public uproar and political pressure. Mukesh’s elder brother Ram Singh was the prime accused in the case, but was found hanging inside his cell in Tihar Jail in March. “We have no expectations from the court as it is under pressure due to the public uproar that the incident created,” Mange Lal said.

Kalyani said Mukesh had told her about a crime they committed, but never knew about it until Mukesh was arrested. “With the juvenile getting maximum term possible, we have a feeling that Mukesh will be awarded death penalty. We hope the court will show some leniency,” she said.

Mange Lal and Kalyani arrived in the Capital on Monday from their home at Kalladah village in Rajasthan’s Karauli district and are staying at their third son Suresh’s house in south Delhi. They had come to Delhi about two decades ago with five sons — Raju, Madhu, Ram Singh, Suresh and Mukesh — and raised them doing odd jobs.

Mukesh has told the court during the final arguments that he was only driving the bus and had not participated in any crime. The other accused denied charges levelled against them.

V K Anand, Counsel for Mukesh, claimed that there is nothing on record to prove that Mukesh hatched any conspiracy with other accused. “Mere presence in the bus does not prove that he participated in the gang rape. He was driving the bus and never left the seat,” Anand added.