KR Puram flyover cries for immediate makeover

KR Puram flyover cries for immediate makeover

Pedestrians add to the traffic woes by not using skywalks to cross the road

KR Puram flyover cries for immediate makeover

The KR Puram flyover, also known as Hanging Bridge, has umpteen problems to grapple with. Traffic jams, unscheduled bus stops, illegal parking of cars, people waiting in queues for buses and pedestrian crossing.

The flyover’s entrance is used as make-shift bus stop by private buses and mini buses, including those belonging to the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation and Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation. Also people waiting for buses spill onto the road causing traffic congestion.

Adding to the existing woes are bad roads along this stretch. According to BBMP Exectuive Engineer for Road Infrastructure (Mahadevapura division) Raghavendra Prasad, the problem has been prevailing for a long time.

“We are waiting to get approval for the rehabilitation of these roads and providing a bus stop located away from the junctions where there is heavy vehicular movement,” Prasad said.

Skywalk ignored

Another problem is that pedestrians choose to cross the busy road rather than use the skywalk, where women do not feel safe.

“I would rather take the risk of crossing the road amidst huge traffic rather than using the skywalk which is frequented by eve-teasers who pass lewd comments,” said a student.