'Teachers dance for us'

'Teachers dance for us'

Andrita and Nithika.

“I love children's day because it makes me feel special and we get to wear clothes that we pick out, for a change” was the universal reaction when school children in the City were asked what the day really meant to them. For some it was a thrill to see their teachers stepping out of character, dropping their authoritarian roles and entertaining their young wards for a change.

Metrolife talks to kids in schools around the City to get their views on Children’s Day celebrations.

Abran, 10 years old

» “I love Children's Day because I know that lots of good things will happen to me and I will have tons of extra fun. Most of my friends too are happy on this day. My parents buy me gifts for being a good child and we go out for lunch with them. At school, we have a special assembly with programmes which our teachers put up for us. This year I am excited about taking part in a drawing competition which will be held at school and I am looking forward to the carnival too with plenty of games and stalls.”

Camaara,  8 years old

»“Who doesn't love Children's Day especially when you are a kid? It's cute, fun and I get gifts from my parents too!

There are parties all around for children, which we love to go to. We get to wear coloured dresses to school and our teachers dance for us. We carry snacks to share with our friends. I love Children's Day as we get to do special things with our friends and parents. I love Children 's Day and love being a child.”

 Nithika, 8 years old

»“Our teacher reminded us that it’s Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday and showed us a picture that I really liked because he had a nice rose in his coat pocket. I like seeing our teachers dance and sing on stage. I also like the treats we get in school on this day.”

Andrita, 12 years old

»“Children's Day is a day to celebrate being a child. It’s a day to forget academics for a bit, wear clothes we like to school for a change and enjoy the cultural programmes the teachers put up for us. This year our Principal, our teachers and staff (even our games teacher) will dance and sing for us on stage. We also get half day off, so it’s really nice to go back home early, relax and forget about hectic schedules for a while.”

Cyrus, 11 years old

»“This is the one day in the year, we can do whatever we like! Our teachers entertain us and it’s great fun watching them on stage for a change. We can forget about school work and studies and come home early.”