Slices of sweet and spice

Slices of sweet and spice

Slices of sweet and spice

On the exterior, Cakes and Slices Bakery at N R Colony seems like any other bakery until you taste the delicacies they offer. The nine-year-old bakery offers a whole range of fresh and pure baked items along with traditional sweets.

The baking point serves a large variety of pastries, puffs, cookies, mixtures, tarts and cheese-cakes. There is also an adjoining kitchen, which helps them provide fresh and hot egg puffs, palya buns, dil pasand and dil khush even if the stocks are over.

Unique to the bakery is dhamroot, a special sweet item prepared only on Sundays. “It is made using pumpkin, khoya, cashew, badam and ghee. We have never faced any dearth of customers for this item. We have been selling around 10 to 15 kilograms of dhamroot every Sunday. However, customers who come in the afternoon sometimes return empty-handed, such is the demand,” beams Raghavendra Rao, owner of the bakery.

They are also specialised in Bengali sweets and other goodies. Some Bengali delicacies like champakali, malai sandwich, cham cham have many takers. They serve baked nut-topped rasgulla, the sweetness of which melts on the tongue. The burfies too come in a wide range, including cashew burfi, coconut burfi, pista roll, mango burfi and condensed-milk burfi.

When it comes to pastries, choosing one item is very difficult as they are available in various flavours like pineapple, mango, vanilla and orange. Butter-salt biscuits and khara biscuits are in great demand.

However, those who are health conscious go for ragi biscuits and breads with less sugar. In the cake section, butter sponge, almond and Japanese cakes are tempting.   

This bakery also take orders for birthday cakes of all varieties, including eggless cakes. Mahidhar, who is a central government employee from Katriguppe, says he always orders birthday cakes from here. “Two years back, I purchased a birthday cake from this bakery. Every morsel of it was soft and tasty. Now, my friends are also ordering  cakes from here,” he says.

One can also find creamy ‘mousses’, which are rich in mango, chocolate and strawberry flavours. After relishing them, make sure that you don't miss the khara mixture, with its sweet and spicy taste.