Students oppose dress code

Irked by stringent dress code on campus, students of Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology on Thursday staged a protest asking the college to revoke the stringent norms.

Some of the students were not allowed inside the premises after the college took objection to the fact that they were wearing socks that had brand name and logo printed on them. According to one of the students, the college began monitoring whether the students had maintained the dress code prescribed by the college. The college has directed the students to wear the uniform from Monday to Thursday. Students are required to wear white shirt, grey trousers, red tie, white socks and black formal shoes.

“They want the socks to be completely plain with nothing printed on it. If you are looking for a comfortable pair of socks, it is difficult to find anything without the brand name or the logo on it,” a student staid. Students in the first three buses that arrived near the college gate in the morning were let inside while the inspection was taken up for the last two buses. On learning that the college had detained a few students because their socks were not in compliance with the norms, others on the premises began protesting.

“In the first place, socks are not seen. They made us lift the pants to ensure that there were no brand names printed on them. We have been wearing similar pattern for the last two years,” students said.

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