Children falling victims to pollution in Bangalore

Children falling victims to pollution in Bangalore

Vehicular pollution in City is taking its toll on young children.

Those as young as four years are using inhalers and rough it out travelling on Bangalore roads. Take Rohan Shenoy, an eight-year-old boy. He suffers from wheezing, sleep apnea syndrome and memory deficit, most of the time confined indoors as the environment out makes it hard for him to breathe.

Along with the rise in pollution there is also an increase in allergic diseases caused by pollutants released into the air. Children in City are more prone to allergic rhinitis, asthma and wheezing. According to the former president of Allergy Asthma Association of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Dr H Paramesh, eight per cent of children snore in their sleep, one per cent suffer from obstructive sleep apnea syndrome where children have disturbed sleep as they start snoring heavily and stop breathing. They might also start gasping for breath,which can result in heart failure. Children with this syndrome face memory deficit.

The City is witnessing rapid development in terms of infrastructure, which, in turn, has pollution taking a long leap causing various kinds of allergies.  Paramesh said, “A person inhales 10,000 crore small particles everyday. As the City is developing, the number of vehicles plying is also on the rise. Pollutants disseminated from diesel vehicles are highly dangerous."

Diesel vehicles are known to leave a trail of larger smoke particles and nitrogen oxide than petrol vehicles. Further, according to Paramesh, indoor pollution is more harmful when compared to pollution outdoor. Pollutants can also be found within the house.

Dust mites cause 50-60 per cent pollution, cockroaches 25 per cent, 7.5 per cent from pollen grains and moist and damp walls or ceilings helps in forming fungi and this causes 7.5 per cent of pollution, according to a study by Dr Paramesh and his fellow doctors.

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