Oliphant's quest for a unique feat

Oliphant's quest for a unique feat

Tale of grit

Oliphant's quest for a unique feat

The young runner from Sunnyville, California, has set a goal to run a marathon in all the continents and is three away from completing the task, even though experts might question the wisdom of allowing such a young runner into the toughest of road races.

With running deeply rooted in the family, Sarah took to the sport early and has taken giant strides since she began with 5KM races at 12. After running in the United States of America, Oceania, Africa and Holland, Sarah will run her first ever ultramarathon in Bangalore on Sunday at Hesarghatta. Sarah, as always, will be accompanied by father Arnold.

“Running has been a part of my life for all I can remember. It gives me a high and the adrenaline is very addictive,”  said Sarah, who will run in the 50KM category.
“I started because of my brother. He runs regularly and I am also joined by my father. This is a very unique achievement and I am glad to be a part of this ultramarathon.”

This being her first ultra, Sarah did admit to be a little nervous of the extra distance and the practice required.

“I am a little nervous and the extra distance means I need to practice that much more. I don’t intend to clock a record time. My intention is to complete the race and move onto to my next venue which is Chile and then Antartica,” said Sarah, who has a best marathon time of 4 hours and 35 minutes. Runners For Life Manager Arvind Bharathi talking about the age limit for marathon runners and Sarah’s case said.

“We also have an age limit of 18 but this was a special exception. Her father spoke to us and insisted that we let her run. We scrutinised her case but she has run before and will be accompanied by her father, so there is no reason to not let her run.”