Jethmalani slammed for sexist comments

Jethmalani slammed for sexist comments

Noted lawyer and politician Ram Jethmalani has been drawing flak for his adverse comments against the 16-year-old girl who accused godman Asaram Bapu of molesting her.

Appearing for the godman in Rajasthan High Court, Jethmalani reported to have said the girl has a “disease that draws a woman to a man”, prompting angry reaction on social media.

The lawyer politician, among other arguments to prove Asaram’s innocence, also reported to have said that the girl is mentally unstable.

Social media reacted to his courtroom statements, with some of them comparing Jethmalani to evil lawyers in Bollywood flicks.

“Ram Jethmalani is a vicious combination of Thakral of Meri Jung and Chadhdha of Damini,” one of the tweets said, referring to evil lawyer characters played by Amrish Puri.

Renowned cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle tweeted, “Ram Jethmalani showing that even leading lawyers can be desperately out of form…”

”Girl has 'disease' that draws her to men.' Then men raped her to cure the disease?” tweeted writer Taslima Nasreen. There were more such angry comments against the lawyer on Facebook, where people slammed Jethmalani for defending a man accused of molesting a minor girl.

Some even wondered the amount of money the lawyer might have received to defend the godman.

“The girl must be of your grand daughter's age and you are doing this?? Is money everything in life? you don't even have the minimum honesty and in talk shows people like you talk about humanity. Irony,” said Ankita Ghosh.