Mayor's Salem trip receives flak from his own party members

Mayor's Salem trip receives flak from his own party members

Mayor B S Sathyanarayana’s proposed Salem trip to study solid waste management came under severe attack from his own party members at the Council meeting held on Wednesday. Floor leader of the House, N Nagaraju, questioned the need for another trip to the Tamil Nadu town.

Leading the council meeting as Mayor, Sathyanarayana was all gaga about his planned Salem trip on September 24 to rid the City of the garbage mess. The Mayor had even invited the MLAs and the corporators to register their names for the proposed trip but his plea did not evoke the desired response.

On Wednesday, the Mayor spoke his heart about his plans for a clean and green Bangalore including a strong garbage disposal system. He, however, rued that the corporators and MLAs did not respond well.

After his speech was over, Nagaraju fired the salvo seeking to know from him the outcome of previous trips to Salem and other places. “A year ago, we had been to Salem and given a set of recommendations. Without bothering about the fate of those suggestions, we are ready to go there once more,” said Nagaraju. He sought to know what had happened to the contract awarded to Hanjer Biotech Energies Company, which has brought about a sea change in Salem in terms of garbage disposal.

Nagaraju was critical about the Palike’s measures to do away with garbage crisis in the City. “This Tech City is going downward in the absence of proper technology to handle the garbage. We do not know why the recommendations are not implemented, who is implementing the plans, which garbage contractor has failed and what action has been initiated against him and the officers,” said Nagaraju.

Shaken by the attack, the Mayor tried to calm him down and asked him to discuss these issues later. But Nagaraju was all offensive. He questioned the pothole filling drive after the heavy rains and the initiatives taken to make the City green.

“Rain has exposed the condition of Bangalore roads, which we need to rectify. Bangalore was known for its greenery, which is fast fading. This season when we have received enough rains, how many saplings have we planted to make the City retain its lost glory,” asked Nagaraju.