Palike 'lax' in enforcing parking rules, but eager to charge fee

Palike 'lax' in enforcing parking rules, but eager to charge fee

Close to 70 pc of properties in City do not have parking spaces

Palike 'lax' in enforcing parking rules, but eager to charge fee

The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), which has apparently failed to ensure the strict implementation of parking rules, has drawn flak for its move to charge exorbitant parking fee.

While the rules stipulate that every building must provide for its own parking space, a conservative estimate suggests that out of 28.5 lakh properties (25 lakh residential and 3.5 lakh commercial), close to at least 70 per cent of the properties do not have any parking facility.

Hence, most of the vehicles even in residential areas are parked on the streets. Even the narrow bylanes of the City are crowded with cars and bikes parked on either side, thus causing traffic congestion. Most pedestrian paths and streets are occupied by parked vehicles.

Even when there are two bikes coming in the opposite direction, it often lead to a traffic jam.

The Palike officials do not seem not to verify whether the buildings have provision for parking space before issuing them completion certificate (CC). The rules are being followed only in violation.

“The BBMP is not there to generate revenue out of parking fees on an hourly basis on the City's busy roads. It should be the priority of the civic authority to ensure seamless traffic movement in the City,” says Ashwin Mahesh, urban expert. He said that the Palike needs to provide for good roads, infrastructure, transport and pedestrian paths in the City.

He said that in most of the world-class cities, private vehicles are not allowed and people come to the central business district by public transport. Such an excellent public transport system should be in place here, he said, adding that people should be discouraged from using cars.

No spare land

With the boom in real estate prices, every inch of land has turned priceless. As a result, builders and owners utilise the entire plot for building without leaving space for parking.

“We don’t get parking facility in any rented house. We have to park our cars and two-wheelers on the road. Many think that instead of providing space for parking, a room built there will fetch more rent,” says M Mahesh Kumar of Malleswaram.

Cellars in commercial complexes are usually meant for parking. However, even these spaces are being commercially utilised in most buildings. These cellars are given out on rent for godowns, canteens, workshops and other activities. The violations are there to see for everyone.

But no action has been initiated by the civic authorities. Though the malls do have ample space for parking, the fee on an hourly basis are exorbitant.

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