'Rains reduce coffee yield'

'Rains reduce coffee yield'

In the coffee growing region, 35 per cent of Arabica coffee is ready for harvesting. However, owing to the rains, the coffee beans have started falling and there is a danger of bery borer diseases affecting the coffee plantation.

The release said that owing to the rain, 20 per cent of crop has been lost which amounts to 5,000 metric tonne Arabica coffee. The loss is nearly Rs 200 crore to the growers.


Banks are urging the growers to repay the loans borrowed. The Centre is in its final stage to announce package for coffee growers. So banks should not pressurise growers to repay the loan. In case, if the banks harass and grower commits suicide, then criminal case will be filed against such bank officials, he said.

Coffee growers are releasing coffee pulper water to the ponds created for the purpose in the estates. Later, the water is purified and used for irrigation. However, Pollution Control Board is pressurising the growers to use polythin sheets in the pond before releasing water. The Federation is opposed to such demand by the Board.

The federation has assured the Deputy Commissioners of Bagalkot and Bijapura, to provide jobs for the victims of North Karnataka floods, in coffee estates.