Igniting young minds

Igniting young minds

Igniting young minds

St Joseph’s College of Commerce recently hosted Chanakya, a two-day business fest for colleges from across the State. With the theme Tempus Rerum Imperator (Time - The Commander of All Things), the fest saw an array of business-related competitions.

All events had rounds with historical twists to abide by the theme and this made it a challenging fest for the participants. There were a total of 10 teams participating.

One of the main events was the best manager event. It tested the student’s true level and ability to lead, manage and handle. ‘Public Relations’ involved managing the balance and spread of information between an individual, an organisation and the public.

 In the ‘Human Relations’ competition, each participant’s ability to deal with individuals on a professional level was observed.

Labour-handling skills under stressful situations were tested and analysed. In the ‘Finance’ competition, the participants’ competence while handling large sums of money was inspected.

The student’s capabilities, when it comes to selling and promoting one’s products or services, were considered on a technical level in the ‘Marketing’ event.

‘Mock Stock’ was a fun event. The competition of stock markets and traders brought out the bulls and the bears in the contestants as they desperately and ruthlessly sold and bought shares in companies.

In ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, teams were given a set amount of money and could do whatever they wanted to increase their investment by the end of the day. Students from Jain University Centre for Management Studies were the overall winners of the fest.