Office couples more likely to walk down the aisle

Office couples more likely to walk down the aisle

Office couples more likely to walk down the aisle

Relationships which begin in the workplace are more likely to last longer and lead to marriage, a new survey has claimed.

While workplace romances may be frowned upon by companies and colleagues, couples who met in office are more likely to end up married than those who met through any other way.

About 14 per cent of couples who meet in their job go on to marry while only about 11 per cent of those who meet through friends do the same.

However, meetings in a pub or nightclub is 23 per cent likely to result in just a fling, much like 13 per cent of couples that meet on holiday.

The study looked at the detailed love life of 2,000 adults, over half of which believed that the situation in which you meet your partner can have a huge impact on its success and duration, '' reported.

As we spend so much of our time in the workplace it's 'inevitable' that close ties will be formed, said a spokesperson for CBS network, which commissioned the study.

"But being in a relationship where you work in the same place as your partner also means you have something in common before you even get to know each other, and being in the same career means you are both like-minded and have similar interests," the spokesperson added.

Besides couples who meet at workplace, those who meet through a friend or at university are also likely to enjoy a long-term relationship.

Friends who start dating and online couples also have a greater chance of finding long-lasting love.