'There's crazy energy here'

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'There's crazy energy here'

Matan Zohar, better known as Mat Zo, is a name that is synonymous with electronic music worldwide. An experimental DJ and producer based out of London, his forte lies in bringing the dance element out of genres like trance, drum and bass.

“I really like trance because it has a single sensibility. But I’m also into drum and bass because it’s the new sound. I think it’s what I’ve been waiting for all my life. Having said that, I see it as another way forward, not necessarily the best way,” he tells Metrolife during the India leg of his ‘Damage Control World Tour’, which was organised by Submerge.

Mat grew up in a family of musicians, with his mother being a professional violinist and half-brother an Israeli singer. After growing up in the United States of America, his family moved to London, where he got his first taste of electronic dance music.

“I started producing when I was 13. I went to London when the dance music scene was growing rapidly,” he recalls and adds, “at one point in my career, my style started changing and I started getting into trance. Initially, people weren’t sure what to expect but now, I think they’re used to it.”

Asked if he has managed to find the ‘Mat Zo sound’ that defines him, he laughs and replies, “No! I don’t think I’m ever going to find that because it’s always changing. But I’m trying quite hard to understand the direction it’s going in.” He adds that his
debut album ‘Damage Control’ reflects this very change of direction.

As is the case with any genre of music, electronic music too requires making music that the listener can connect to. On his songwriting process, Mat shares, “How I make music depends on my mood — sometimes it starts with a vocal sample, sometimes with a kick drum. Where I am when I’m producing has a big role to play.”

While on tour, he announced on Twitter that he was tempted to quit DJing, settle down in India and cook food with ghee. He admits that he’s fallen in love with the
country, especially Bangalore. “Bangalore is one of my favourite places in India. There’s crazy energy here and people are aware.

I think it’s definitely going in the right direction,” he wraps up.

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