Cubbon Park: Ban suggestion draws flak

Cubbon Park: Ban suggestion draws flak

Members of several organisations as well as citizens have reacted strongly to the suggestions of A N Yellappa Reddy and the Cubbon Park Walkers’ Association (CPWA) to ban dogs and the feeding of pigeons at the Park.

In his press release to Deccan Herald, Leo Saldanha, co-ordinator, Environment Support Group (ESG), says,  “Yellappa Reddy, being a former Environment Secretary, has worked hard to promote environment concern.

He is respected by people like judges, bureaucrats, politicians and the public. His opinion is respected. He says that people accept them as a fact when he shares information, but the statement that a large number of pigeons in park may spread H1N1 disease is far from truth.”

“Some, like the office-bearers of the CPWA, might consider pigeons a nuisance, but does it give them a right to decide the fate of the pigeons all over Cubbon Park?” Saldanha asked.

M B Krishna, a City-based ornithologist, concurs, explaining that just because disease can affect  a species, it does not mean all members of a species are vectors of the disease. “It has nothing to do with environment. It depends on the likes of people. A dog-lover, for instance, will always support dogs, but those who don’t like the animal will not,” said P Manjunath, a bird expert.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that dog walkers, who number at least 200, have decided to call for a meeting to discuss the suggestions of the Bangalore Political Action Committee and the CPWA.

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