'Indian richness overshadowed by negative portrayal'

'Indian richness overshadowed by negative portrayal'

Inaugurating the Post Graduate Students’ Union on Tuesday in Mangalore University, Dr Bhat speaking elaborately about the glorious chapters of Indian history, lamented that students prefer to go abroad to work instead of staying in India and toiling for progress of India.

“Many years ago Macaulay came to India to strangle the spirit of Indians to fight for the cause of this land. He injected English education into Indian body and he created ‘Black British’ to favour the British,” he said and added that decades later there is a great degree of Black British in India who crave and yearn to be away from Indian soil and culture at the cost of their own pride and honour.

“The contributions of Varahamihira to the world of astronomy do not seem to be great to us when compared to that of Galileo. We had acheived a great deal in mathematics but not much is spoken about it. Sachin Tendulkar has shown the world that Indians can excel in a game conceived by British. Vishwanath Anand is an Indian as well. It was India’s Chandrayan that established the existence of water on moon,” he said proclaiming that Indian culture is the richest culture in India, which every Indian should be proud of.

Talking about increasing inclination of Indians towards foreign product, he said that Indians feel that anything foreign is better than indigenous products. He said that if at all people start using indigenous products, a total of Rs 53,000 crore can be saved for the nation in a year. MP Nalin Kumar Kateel said that students’ unions should aim at creating environment conducive for growth of students. “Unions should respond to problems of students and try to bring students and teaching community closer. Unions have a great role in shaping students as better citizens,” he said. He called upon the students to know their duties as citizen first and then talk of their rights. Mangalore University Vice-Chancellor Prof K M Kaveriappa, Registrar Prof K Chinnappa Gowda, Dr Ravishankar Rao among others were present. Earlier, Nalin Kumar Kateel inaugurated the newly built Ladies’ hostel in the college campus.

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