'Self-examination gloves help detect breast cancer better'

A volunatry organisation plans to distribute in the city thousands of special gloves which make self-examination for breast cancer more effective, making hands more sensitive to detect lumps which bare fingers could miss.

.Procured from London, these reusable gloves contain gel on the side of the palm, which the organisation claims, will magnify the sensitivity of fingers and feel the lumps.

Explaining the relevance of these gloves, Dr Mahak Varma, medical officer of Roko Cancer Charitable Trust, said among several methods of self-examination suggested by doctors is to feel the breasts while taking shower.

“Soap and water increase sensitivity and help feeling the lumps easier. The gel works similarly, making it even more sensitive and hence very effective,” she said.

However, the organisation insists that these gloves have not replaced the conventional form of self-breast examination.

“In this, the same method of breast examination is followed. But with the aid of the gel inside,  it becomes easier to feel the lumps,” said Varma.

The doctor said members of the organisation, including herself, have used the gloves and found them “effective”.

Sudha Murgai, director of RCCT, said another advantage of these gloves is that all female members of a family can use one single glove.

But care needs to be taken while using it, lest the gloves get punctured and the gel leaks out.

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