Dump off that negative baggage

Dump off that negative baggage

This 'negative load' could be in the form of a deeply entrenched bitter memory, which's unable to be dislodged from our mind; or an ineffable resentment harboured in us towards somebody/something, which's so extreme that it's expunging all our inner peace; or it could simply be an utter disillusionment for not having achieved/obtained something in life.

Well, here are ways of dumping that negative load, weighing heavily on your mind, shattering your peace to smithereens! To begin with, let's consider the negative baggage of those 'tenacious bitter memories' that constantly harry you like albatross around the neck! Agreed, some bad memories are so indelibly branded on your brains, that it becomes a sisyphean task to uproot them.

But with concerted efforts, you can strive creating on your mental screen, a montage of your most-cherished memories, whenever your mind begins meandering toward those morbid thoughts. Once this becomes a habit, after sometime, you subliminally find happy thoughts suddenly smothering your mind, the moment it starts sailing near those sad memories!

Next, regarding the negative baggage of 'harbouring high resentment towards somebody/something', well, there's a saying, "If you can't lick them, join them". Let's tweak the saying a tad bit to re-phrase it as, "If you can't join them, ignore them'! In case someone is giving you sleepless nights, by terrorizing/traumatizing you, just try ignoring, by not affixing any importance to them. Once you don't give a toss to them by not valuing them, automatically you wouldn't value their words/opinions/comments, right?           

So don't let this self-destructive 'resentment and vindictive attitude' pervade your mind, to wreak havoc with your mental health. Just stay calm, and leave it to the invincible Lord, the task of offering each one his/her share of remuneration / retribution, depending upon the person's good/evil deeds.

Finally about the negative baggage of 'feeling disillusioned over not having achieved/obtained something', well, many times, what you feel is paramount important to you, could be in reality absolutely insignificant! Also note, "Success is getting what you want, and happiness is wanting what you get"! And often, after achieving/acquiring something amazing, you discover within moments, your interest in it petering off! Therefore the entire onerous exercise of achieving is self-defeating, if that achievement/acquisition doesn't proffer you the happiness.

Moreover, the definition of happiness/success differs from person to person. When happiness is just a state of mind, the self-gratifying success is after all, what you deem it! So, plonk off that negative baggage/encumbrance right now, to move on and move up in life. Perhaps you may discern more wonderful people/things around you, who/which may stuff your life with surfeit happiness, happy moments, and happy memories!

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