Today's Letters

Today's Letters

Underpass woes

The proposed underpass construction site at J P Nagar 15th cross. Is it a traffic Underpass or Septic tank?

The  residents of the houses on the 15th cross Underpass, have been put through quite a bit of hardship since May 2008. The underpass was supposed to have been completed within 9 months and we still see no end in sight.

1. We have learnt that that a reputed company from  Chennai has been contracted to carry out this project
2. The project (against all norms) had been sub-contracted to others, who unfortunately have had no track record in underpass construction at all, capability as well as finance.

3. There has been no water supply from May 2008, and the sanitary lines are non existent. Sewage is being let out into the underpass due to non-existence of sanitary lines.

6. Consequently, the water table is being contaminated, irreparably so. The whole area is a cesspool and a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

7. The contractors have been blocking the drain output with concrete/gunny sacks which choke the drains, and consequently the sewage goes back into the houses.

8. On being contacted to rectify the same, the contractor is adamant that it should be rectified at the residents cost. (This has become extremely expensive and an unnecessary expenditure for the residents.)

9. The indications at present is that the said contractor is devoid of funds. New problems crop up daily and we have lost faith in the government and authorities.


Dasharathi K V

JP Nagar Citizens Awareness Association,




An eye-opener

The article ' Matter of integrity' (DH Nov 14) was an eye-opener. Post Independence, we had heard that there was difference of opinion between Nehru and Patel. But nothing came out in the Press. Reading their letters  sent a lump down my throat. The regard and respect that they had for each other and the manner in which they

down-played the differences in the interest of the Nation is simply great.

The role of Gandhiji in diffusing the delicate  situation is sublime.  Nehru offering the post of PM to Patel and Patel's non-acceptance of the post are a poignant delight.

  In this connection, I am reminded of a situation when during the  election to the President of 'Servants of India society',  after the death of Gokhule in 1915 , Rt.Hon'ble V S Srinivas Sastry who learnt that  he had been projected for the post along  with  Gandhiji, completely dissociated himself with any such move. But Gandhiji  asked him to accept the post as in his  opinion, Sastry possessed the qualities required for the post.

That is Nationalism of the highest order. While our Netas of modern times are power mongers of the lowest order. What a great fall in political grace!

 T K Nagarajan,



Rich and the powerful dictate law

Manu Sharma's  parole case  which has hogged media attention only emphasises that little has changed in India. Even  now the rich and the powerful in connivance of  the ruling  political class  still rule. (Mockery of justice-17/11/09) For them subverting justice is a child's play. It also demonstrates how the existing laws can be manipulated to suit the convenience and the same laws will become a hurdle if the person involved have no influence. The  poor who still languish in jail for years for lesser crimes without getting parole.

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana




 India's failure to become full member of the Washington Accord which standaridises engineering education at international level is a great set back for our education regulators especially so powerful on home front-AICTE & National Board of Accreditation.
Our regulators have first to address the real issues  confronting technical education within our country. There is urgent need to standardizing syllabus, delivery & evaluation system of engineering education in various universities.
MHRD must appoint a committee of experts to
study reasons for rejection to India's full membership  to the Washington Accord. After all our engineers have been doing so well all over the world.


Air Cmde Raghubir Singh (Retd)


Horrific news
The horrific incidence of death of seven newborns in an Andhra Pradesh hospital within a span of a single day underscores the abysmal status of healthcare in India.
It has been reported that along with the negligence of the hospital staff, the incubators where these babies were kept ,malfunctioned resulting in this unfathomable medical fiasco.

  What makes this dreadful incidence even more deplorable is the fact that in violation of normal practice for post-graduate doctors who normally oversee the babies in the neonatal unit, the ward was observed only by nurses because the medicos were on strike to demand a higher pay scale.
Such horrendous incidence of "medical negligence" is unimaginable in most developed countries. But this was not the first episode of such enormous medical calamity in India.

The negligent doctors  responsible for the death of these seven innocent newborns should be prosecuted by the hospital administration.medical council should cancel their license .
A complete overhaul of the Indian medical system is essential in order to prevent similar medical disasters in the future. 

 Dr. Kunal Saha

Ohio, USA


Rich and the powerful dictate law

Manu Sharma's  parole case  which has hogged media attention only emphasises that nothing has changed in India and even now the rich and the powerful in connivance of  the ruling  political class  still rule the roost (Mockery of justice-17/11/09) For them subverting justice is a child's game. It also demonstrates how the existing laws can be manupulated to suit the convenience and the same laws will become a hurdle if the person involved has no those poor who still languish in jail for years for lesser crimes without getting parole.

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana

Saraswathipura, Mysore 570009


Rebel Karnataka Reddy's Andhra Links...

Troubles are piling up for powerful mine baron and Karnataka's BJP Minister Galli Janardhana Reddy over the alleged mining scam as fresh acts are coming out with each passing day.
The story ofthe powerful Reddy brothers, who originally hail from the Rayalaseema region of  Andhra Pradesh, began in 2001 when their two family-owned companies - Obulapuram Mining Company and Anantapur Mining Corporation - leased three mines measuring 25.98 hectares, 39.5 hectares, and 68.5 hectares in Obulapuram and H Siddapuram villages of Anantapur district, adjoining Bellary.
Janardhana Reddy commands formidable political clout and influence in both Karnataka and AP. While he and his brother Revenue Minister Karunakara Reddy had a stranglehold over the BJP Government in Karnataka, the people of AP should know that th ey were also very close to late Chief Minister YSR and his family.

The the four Oppositionpartiesare alleging that all the unsavoury activities, encroachments and illegal mining were known to the Congress Government but it had bowed to the mining mafia. Obviously the four Opposition parties are mounting pressure on the Andhra Pradesh Government for cancellation of mining lease of Obulapuram Mining Company of Galli Janardhana Reddy.

Looks, Andhra Pradesh is going to see the most intense battle over its mineral wealth in the days to come.

4-1-80, Nacharam

                    SABOTAGE  TIP-OFF

        Upset over the increasing number of railway accidents, Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee's call to people to give tip-off over the sabotage plan in a bid to avert accidents hardly evokes positive response.   The informants are assured of a job in the Railways.   The intention and the anxiety of the minister over the accidents is appreciable.
  Inducements and allurements to the providers of information are a manifestation of the helplessness of the government.
    Saboteurs plan their activities deftly and silently.   Ordinary people cannot muster courage to report and reveal their identity risking their life.   Moreover, the law is such that the informants are interrogated and their sincerity is suspected rather than acknowledging their sincerity in preventing the accidents and saving the lives of innocent passengers.
   The best way to prevent the accidents is to strengthen the railway police force and step up and standardize the up-keep of railway tracks.   Steps must be taken to man all the level crossings.   Double tracks have to be created for every route not only to save the precious time but also avoid accidents in the single track routs.
   Apart from all these, the inefficient staff have to be weeded out and efficient man and machine power should be employed as a measure to make the railway journey safe and free from fear.   People who come out on their own with useful information leading to acts of sabotage should be rewarded handsomely but they cannot be expected to assume the role of intelligence agencies.
Vidyanagara First Stage,

 Nuke sites put on high alert

This is with reference to Nuke sites put on high alert appearing in DH dated 17NOV09
Terror trail left by terrorists Rana and David Headley have led the investigators in the proximity of nuclear facilities at BARC Mumbai.
The arrest of Pak spy at Delhi airport was found with incriminating documents resulted in MHA sounding the alarm bells.
The visible difference of keeping vigil by Pak at their nukes sites is threat from within whereas in India it is from outside i.e. Pak.

Deepak Chikramane