CEC slams AP decision on mining activities

CEC slams AP decision on mining activities

“The government’s conclusion suffers from serious defects and inconsistencies and is not at all in conformity with the approved mining leases. There are substantial differences and serious discrepancies in the mining lease boundaries determined and those fixed now by the state forest department,” the CEC report said.

M K Jiwarka, a member of the CEC requested the Supreme Court to consider the CEC’s report and pass appropriate orders even as the Andhra Pradesh High Court permitted OMC to continue mining.

“The mining boundaries now determined by the state were totally inconsistent and different in terms of area of the mining lease, shape, length and bearings of the boundary line and location of the mining leases of OMC.

“Considering the shape of the mining leases, the CEC is of the view that without doubt there existed un-allotted forest area between three mining leases of OMC, BIOP and Y M & Sons and wherein illegal mining has taken place,” the report added.

The CEC further said that the location of the Geo Trignometry Station (GTS) Station fixed by the Survey of India and the shrine of Sugallamma (Sugaladevi) (excluded and retained as enclosure within the reserve forest) should be determined and no mining should be permitted therein.

Jiwarka said: “All mining activity, including the transportation of already mined material from all the six mining leases should remain suspended till the demarcation of boundaries is done.” The Andhra Pradesh High Court ruled on a petition filed by Janardhana Reddy’s wife Lakshmi Aruna on Thursday.

OMC advocate K Raghavacharyulu argued that the CEC had no jurisdiction to submit such a report since the Supreme Court had given no such direction. “This report is an ex parte report given by the CEC without hearing OMC”, he added.