Let the 'chi' in, open those doors and windows

Let the 'chi' in, open those doors and windows


Let the 'chi' in, open those doors and windows

They need to be large enough to allow adequate amounts of light and ‘chi’ to infuse your environment and not too small leaving you feeling like a recluse. Too many windows, relative to the size of your space, are likely to make you feel too active. These can serve as a bigger problem with children, making them hyperactive.

Our home is where we spend most of our time with our near and dear ones. Feng Shui has some simple yet useful advice and solutions, in order to let the chi, the energy, flow smoothly around the house.

Curtains and windows are the most prominent features of our homes. Fabrics, colour, material, window arrangement, yes, all these may affect your home’s chi.

Reducing the chi charge through the window can be achieved by installing blinds or curtains. Windows are best if they open outwards, keep them spotlessly clean and replace all cracked panes.

Windows are best when opening outwards. If a window opens inwards make sure it doesn’t face the West, which is the direction that signifies death or ending. In that case, block negative chi with an outward facing mirror or a plant with round leaves

Match your curtains with the seasons to freshen up yours and your mood. Use heavy fabrics for winter and lighter fabrics for summer. Utilize warm colors for wintertime and light happy colours for spring and summertime. Choose shades of green at spring, shades of red, orange and pink at summer, white, grey and metallic colours for autumn and shades of blue in winter.

You can also utilise colours in your curtains to change colours in each room of your house, adjusting it correctly to specific energies each room should have. For example, green is a calming colour ideal for living rooms. Purple signifies richness and transformation, which makes it ideal for spiritual rooms.

Some basic Feng shui guidelines would be
Pull the curtains back during daytime to allow sunlight to lighten your house and give the area positive energy.

Keep your curtains closed at night. Don’t leave your windows exposed into night as it is considered to bring bad luck.

Curtains that hang limply each side of a window are considered bad Feng Shui.

Keep your curtains and windows clean in order to allow the chi to come inside fresh and clean.

Skylights are useful to bring in the extra light but there are situations where they are best avoided.

Skylights are fine in the kitchen, provided they are away from the cooker.

The other situation is over your bed as your chi is likely to be dispersed through the skylight.

Definitely avoid this situation over the bed of a small child. It can leave them feeling tired and drained and sub-consciously can make them feel uncomfortable as they lack complete privacy and may feel that they are being watched.

(The author is a master Fengshui consultant and traditional Vaastu practitioner Email: - fengshui@fengshuiserver.com Web site: http://www.fengshuiserver.com.
He may be contact on ph: 080-25252456 or 25252109)

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