Majority of British women feel kids threaten career

Majority of British women feel kids threaten career

A British study has found four in five women fear that having children will harm their career prospects while two in three think they must prioritise work above everything else to move ahead.

According to initial results from one of the most comprehensive studies into women's experience of the workplace, the vast majority (91 percent) think the most senior jobs involve high pressure and long hours. However, 89 percent think being a working mother offers balance in their lives and makes them good role models, Daily Mail reported.

The findings reflect the views of the first 10,000 people polled by Project 28-40, a project launched last month by Opportunity Now, the campaign on gender diversity from Business in the Community.

The project's name represents the 28-40 age group, dubbed the "danger zone" -- when women's career progression typically slows down compared to their male colleagues. They are calling on 100,000 women "in UK and Ireland" to share their stories on a scale never attempted before anywhere in the world.

It is also open to older women and those who have left the workplace, to explore the reasons behind their decision and what they intend to do next.

The study was commissioned by Helena Morrissey, chief executive of Newton Investment Management, who has nine children.

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