A lens eye view of a student's dreams

A lens eye view of a student's dreams

Her pointed toes peek out of one side of the frame, as if peering at the sky she wants to escape to, through the open window in the other corner. ‘Her own’ is a part of the photography projects curated by eminent photographer, Sumit Dayal, for the annual ‘Graduate Photography Exhibition-2013’ at Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and
Communication (SACAC).

“It’s a turnout” says Bhavneet Bajaj, explaining a move in Jazz that she has replicated into her photography. “Dance sets me free, that’s what this frame represents. The element of a window on one end with me upside down on another was enough to trigger my imagination,” says the young shutterbug, sharing that she didn’t want to annotate her pictures. So, she left her pictures open to interpretation by only adding a poem alongside her work.

Putting up their photographic work on display for a week-long exhibition, students from the creative photography programme share their dreams, aspirations and questions through their artistic expressions.

Acclaimed photographer Dayanita Singh inaugurated the exhibition on Friday which was preceded by a talk on photography. Inaugurating the exhibition, Dayanita Singh said, “Photography is like a collection of beautiful words; it is what you do with it that gives it a form.”

A budding student photographer Bhagyashree Patki says, “From Dayanita mam’s speech, I will always remember two things. One, taking pictures is beautiful, but what is more important is the thought that you put into clicking that button. Second, one should explore other fields such as literature, music and art to interact with different mediums so as to get newer ideas for photography.” Bhagrashree’s work titled ‘Box, Explore and Light’ emphasises on self-portraits through the technique of light painting.

 During the photography exhibition week, eminent photographers Dileep Prakash and Altaf Qadri, will also join the students and guests for interactive sessions, where they will share their extensive experience and offer valuable insights. Featuring the works of students across different genres of photography, including documentary, conceptual and self – portraiture, the exhibition will be on till December 6.

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