In tune with each other

Rare concert

Western classical music was brought alive in the City with the concert by the German Karlsruher Konzert-Duo that was organised by The Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Bangalore, International Music and Arts Society and Indo-German Cultural Society, at the Alliance Francaise recently.

The performance by the duo that comprised artistes cellist Reinhard Armleder and the pianist Dagmar Hartmann, was well accepted by the audience. The concert, which was a free event, saw a packed venue with an audience that was deeply interested in western classical music. The concert featured several compositions of French composers and was especially designed because of the venue. The finesse and the elaborate musical notes played by the artistes and the way the artistes blended well while playing separate instruments, left the crowd entertained.

The concert consisted of pieces which belonged to both the high and low tempos and the audience broke the silence with loud applauses only at intervals after each piece.

The performance consisted of compositions like ‘Brahms’, ‘Sonata in F Major Op.99’, Schumann’s ‘Fantasy Pieces, Op 73’ and Bartholdy’s ‘Song without words in D major, Op 109’. Other interesting compositions that kept the audience at the edge of their seats included Ravel’s ‘Piece en Forme de Habanera’ and ‘Granados’ ‘Orientale, Danza Espanola No 3’.

The audience was a mix of musicians and music connoisseurs from across the City and there were people of all age groups. Sumitra Chakravarthy, a music teacher said, “The dexterity of the players is highly appreciable and they blend perfectly as a team. The way they coordinated their notes is something every musician needs to learn. I wish I could have brought all my students here.”

Sanesh G, a composer and art technician, who was excited after the performance, said that he was lucky to have witnessed this concert for the second time.

“Since the last time they performed, I’ve been checking on whether the duo were back in the City. The depth of their interpretations, brilliant technique, the love for their instruments and communication with the same can be seen clearly during their performances,” said Sanesh.

Such combination of chamber and pleasant music is a rarity in the City, said Gopika Navale, a student.

She added, “Cello is not a popular instrument in India and not many people opt to learn it but the talent seen on the stage today would inspire anyone to learn and present music.”

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