Ticklish, yet thoughtful

Kalyana Samayal
Tamil (U/A) ¬¬¬
Director: R S Prasanna
Cast: Prasanna, Lekha Washington, Delhi Ganesh, Uma Padmanabhan, Raghav, Kathadi Ramamurthy

Taking its title from one of yesteryear olden goldie songs, Kalyana Samayal Saadham turns out to be an interesting rom-com providing food for thought. Despite its savoury title, the film is not a big fat wedding fest. But it touches upon a sensitive topic of erectile dysfunction, a modern-day problem among urban youth given the stressful life they lead.

Spotlighting on rigamorale that goes with a traditional wedding, the film also highlights people’s belief in horoscopes, blind superstition and how ego issues between families of bride and groom make or mar the wedding. In addition, tackling the sensitive subject of impotency. All the works.

Raghu Viswanathan and Meera Chandrasekaran are engineers belonging to typical TamBram families. Busy with their careers, they entrust the responsibility of finding their life partners to their parents. True to tradition, after scrutinising various matrimonial websites, job profiles, salary and family background et al, Meera’s parents pitch for Raghu.

With wedding eight months away, it’s time for premarital courtship and get familiar trip. While the duo Raghu and Meera go about their business, the parents do the rounds of wedding halls, decorators, caterers and musicians.

However, the wedding a month away, things turn topsy-turvy. For, Raghu, much to his dismay, discovers he is impotent. Will the wedding happen? What’s in store? To know, invite yourselves to a theatre near you.

Spiced up with all the dos and don’ts that go to make a wedding dazzling, Kalyana Samayal Saadham turns out to be a wedding you could safely attend for an afternoon/evening entertainment.

Yes, grace this wedding and bless the couple & co. Happy feast!

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