A mixed bag of energetic numbers

A mixed bag of energetic numbers

The upbeat music of the ‘Midival Punditz’ was all that the audience needed to kickstart their weekend party. Musical duo Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj played some of their peppy numbers inspired by the many genres of Indian music at the ‘Seagram’s 100 Pipers Bangalore Music Week’ held at the Puma Social Club.

The duo also offered a glimpse into their new album to the audience “We are in the process of finishing our new album and will be featuring some of the songs from our new album. We like the audience in Bangalore as they are extremely receptive and it is one of our favourite cities to perform,” said Gaurav. “We are going to perform a mixed bag of many numbers today. Some of them will be our old numbers and some will feature our collaborations with folk artistes from different parts of the country. They are all very interesting and I hope that the audience likes them,” he added.

The duo started with some of their fast numbers to set the mood and then featured their fusion numbers, where ‘techno’ beats were intelligently layered alongside folk tunes by artistes from Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. The perfect ambience added to the grandeur of the show. The open terrace, where the show was held, was packed with youngsters.

Anamika, who was there with her group of friends, said that she enjoyed the music as it was different.

“Their music is not like the usual fast dance numbers. There are many layers and one has to know and like this genre of music to really enjoy it. I have heard them many times and they seem to get better with each performance,” she said.

Later in the show, they also played tracks which had a mix of techno elements as well as drums.The audience enjoyed the concert and some even asked them to play some of their popular numbers. Nishanth, who attended the concert, liked the mood in the house. “They played numbers which all of us could connect to. Their tracks pumped energy into the crowd and that just set the mood. I could spot many people who wanted to shake a leg to some of the numbers,” he said.

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