An innovative step towards water conservation

An innovative step towards water conservation

Water scarcity is this City’s biggest challenge. As falling groundwater level has entered the danger zone, things are only getting worse by the day. In such a situation, even small steps towards water conservation can play a big role. Taking one such step towards minimising water wastage, especially in toilets, a student of Institute of Technology and Management University has come up with an innovative new toilet flush, which aims at reducing water wastage during flushing and  making it more hygienic.

Prakhar Pandey, a mechanical engineering student under the guidance of Assistant Professor Ashwini Sharma has designed this new foot-operated toilet flush. “When water scarcity is hitting almost every city, this improved flushing innovation comes as a much-needed device that will help curtail water wastage and hygiene would come as a by-product!” says Prakhar about his

Explaining, he says, “Through this device, one can control the flow of flush water. The system has a dual mode system to save water. There is a  flush paddle infront which is smartly connected to the system on either side of the toilet seat to meet all requirements and increase suitability.”

Talking about the model, Professor Sharma says, “Our toilet time is where a lot of water is wasted and we do not realise how big that could be, if calculated. Considering the need to be more water-responsible during the time in the bathroom, the new sysem was created. Now, with the innovative foot flushing paddle and dual mode system we can reduce the wastage of water without much ado and contribute to conservation of one of the most important resources on earth, without which there would be no life.”

As a major boost to the project, after detailed and critical evaluation, the Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) has approved funds for further refinement and development of the innovative project. A patent for the same has been filed by ITM University.

The duo hope that their invention will go a long way in ensuring that water used for flushing will  not be wasted and that the new device will soon be availble in the market at affordable rates.
Even Professor Prem Vrat, Vice Chancellor ITM University Gurgaon, is excited about the work. “We are proud to have such great minds in our university who are constantly innovating on simple daily use things to ensure they become more socially viable and responsible to the environment. The recent innovation is definitely a revolution that will contribute to conservation of water in a
big way.”

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