Favourite tracks keep crowd on toes

With more and more international DJs stepping into the City every other week, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) lovers are spoilt for choice. Last weekend offered a treat for party-goers. On Sunday, DJ Matt Darey from UK played popular tracks as part of ‘Skyee Alive’s ‘Sunday Sundowner’ at the Skyee Bar, UB City.

The energy for a Sunday evening was impressive with a packed house ready for the DJ to take over. And as the sun set, DJ Matt made his entrance with ‘Loan You My Eyes’ from ‘Part of Me’. Avinash, a fan of the DJ, came for the event just to hear some of his favourite tracks played by the man himself. “I like Matt Darey’s music because he brings a good blend of deep house, progressive house and a little bit of trance to the table,” he added.

Matt, who is known as the ‘Chameleon of Electronic Music’, did not disappoint the audience. He treated his fans to some of his other tracks like ‘Lose Myself’ by ‘The Dual Personality’ featuring ‘I am Lightyear’, the ‘Deepfunk’ remix of ‘High on Chocolate’ by Mitrinique, ‘Rippin Kittin’ by ‘Golden Boy’ and ‘Miss Kittin’, ‘Paperwall’ by Jonas Woehl featuring Anna Leyne, ‘I’m With You’ by ‘Manhattan’ and others.

Many forgot about the ensuing Monday blues. “I am not even thinking of the fact that I have to go to work early tomorrow. The ambience is great and the music has matched my expectations,” said Girish, a professional.

And for those who complain about the lack of party scene in the City, the evening proved them wrong. Anisha, a student, who had come with her group of friends, said, “Who said there is no vibrant party scene in Bangalore? This year, we have witnessed so many international artistes and DJs. I know so many of my friends who are jealous because these DJs don’t go to their cities.”

But like all good things, Matt’s gig at the console too came to an end. But the resident DJ of the place, DJ Deepak took over and ensured that he kept the same energy levels soaring till the end.

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