Wadiyar's attempts to document properties went in vain

Royal family wanted khatas for 125 acres land in 'Aramane Kaval' area

 Two years ago, scion of Mysore royal family Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar had launched an exercise to document properties, especially those belonging to the family.

He had also written to the State government for khatas of the lands in the ‘Aramane Kaval’ area. However it ran into trouble stymying the plans for various reasons.

The ‘Aramane Kaval’ (Palace area) comprises over 2,000 acres of land in the surroundings of Chamundi Hill in three different survey numbers. It included survey  number four (old number 104) of Kurubarahalli having 1,563 acres and 31 guntas of land; survey number 39 of Chowdahalli village having 259 acres and 29 guntas and Alanahalli village; and survey number 41 having 173 acres and 37 guntas of  land.

According to records available at the office of deputy commissioner and district magistrate, Mysore, Wadiyar had sought for the khata of lands to the extent of 125 acres in survey number 41 against the actual 173.37 acres of land, as 41.07 acres of land had been already sold. Following this, the then deputy commissioner P S Vastrad in June 2012 directed the competent authorities to give khatas for the lands in all the afore mentioned three survey numbers including that of Wadiyars.

The very order stirred up a hornet’s nest, with the government finding loopholes in the same and ordering the deputy commissioner to revoke the order. The deputy commissioner in his order had altered the status of lands considered as ‘B’ kharab (non-agricultural) to ‘A’ kharab to facilitate the khatas. The deputy commissioner had adduced at the ownership of royals according to the list of properties submitted to the union government in the year 1950.

Unfazed, Pramoda Devi Wadiyar had seconded the claim with available documents and had also announced to take up a legal recourse.

Preceding this, Wadiyar had won a legal battle pertaining to the ownership of five acres and 21 guntas of land (Football Grounds) opposite Jayamarthanda Gate.

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