Campaigning intensifies in Madikeri

Campaigning intensifies in Madikeri

Ninety three candidates who are in fray for 23 wards of the CMC are busy  campaigning. All are seen wooing the voters in every ward. 

As soon as the list of candidates were announced, Congress, BJP and JD(S) have started their campaign. Those aspirants who failed to get the tickets are contesting as rebel candidates. 

Majority of the candidates had visited houses to campaign on Saturday and Sunday. With 50 per cent reservation for women, out of 23 wards, 12 wards are reserved for women. As many as 46 women candidates are in fray. 

The total population of Madikeri CMC limits is 33,281, of which 24,325 are voters. This includes 11,934 male and 12,391 female voters. The polling will be held on December 22. 

With the model poll conduct in force, a control room has been opened in the election officer’s office, to deal with violation of model code of conduct. Anyone found violating the model code of conduct can dial 08272-229228 for filing complaints. The control room will function round the clock. 

Candidates in fray

Ward 1—Igguda Shivakumari (BJP), M Divya Nanjappa (Congress), P M Shailaja (JD(S), A Keerthi (independent), P U Gangappa (independent). Ward 2—N Anotha Poovaiah (BJP), K B Kavitha Kaveramma (Congress), K Yogitha Niranjan (JD(S), Flora Crasta (SPDI). Ward 3—D R Geethanjali (JD(S), B R Savitha (BJP), Sunitha Sampath Kannanda (Congress), Haseena Nooruddin (SDPI), T S Sridevi (independent). Ward4— N P Ameena (JD(S), B S Shubha (BJP), Suraba Abrar (Congress), Neema Adarsh (SDPI), Prameela (independent). Ward 5—Mahesh Jaini (BJP), Mathew K Epan (Cong), B Rajesh Yalla (JD(S), M  Krishnaraju (SP), K G Peter (SDPI). Ward 6—P Kalavathi (BJP), Tujusam (Con), Salma M B (JD(S), Nafeesa (SDPI). Ward 7—H R Parvathi (JD(S), H N Sharada (BJP), Sheshamma (JD(S). Ward 8—K M Ganesh (Cong), H Manjunath (JD(S), Monthi Ganesh (BJP), M A Fajalulla (SDPI), K T Baby Mathew (independent), B Harish ( independent). Ward 9— M K Lakshmi (BJP), K A Swarnalatha (Cong). Ward 10—A S Prakash (Cong), Muneer Ahammed (JD(S), Subramani Umesh (BJP), A Khaleel (independent). Ward 11—Prathibha Arun Shetty (BJP), Yaladalu Bhavani Kenchappa (JD(S), Shrimathi Bangera (Cong), Bharathi Ramesh (independent). Ward 12—Chandravathi (BJP), B S Jaya (JD(S), Julekabi (Cong). Ward 13—C G hangappa (Con), P D Ponnappa (BJP), O N Babu (independent), G M Sathish Pai (independent). Ward 14—L Gopalakrishna (Cong), T S Prasad (BJP), K K Yashwanth Kumar (JD(S). Ward 15—H M Nandakumar (Cong), H R Ravi (JD (S), H B Vijayakumar (BJP), H A Ravikumar (independent), S R Shashikiran (independent), S C Sathish (independent).Ward 16—Kaveramma Somanna (Cong), Pattada Saritha Vinod Machaiah (JD(S), Minaj Praveen (BJP), K D Vimala (independent). Ward 17— B D Pushpaveni (BJP), V R Radhika (JD(S), Veenakshi K (Cong). Ward 18— P T Unnikrishnan (BJP), Umesh (JD(S), Naveen Kushalappa M (Cong),                            R Ramu, Imanuel( independent). Ward 19—K U Ashraf (JD(S), K S Ramesh (BJP), M V Likhesh (Cong), P G Manjunath (independent). Ward 20—Anitha Raj (Cong), N Kannika (BJP), Sangeetha Prasanna (JD(S). Ward 21— N S Dinesh Kumar (JD(S), A C Devaiah (Cong), Dharmapala (BJP). Ward 22—T M Ayyappa (Cong), Sayyed Yusuf (BJP), P M Salaiman (JD(S), Ameen Mohinis (SDPI), M A Muneer Machar (independent),                          K M Chethan (independent). Ward 23— Abdul Razak (Cong), B S Prashanth Kumar (BJP), M H Basheer Ahammed (JD(S), K Jameer (SDPI),                       H P Harish (independent). 

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