Choosing the right leader

Choosing the right leader

Choosing the right leader

Elections in colleges are quite a fun-filled affair and they certainly bring out the best in students.

Students always give their best when given an opportunity to try their hand at
democratic practices. And it’s that time of the year when the  students explore elections with much fanfare.

The Mount Carmel Degree College election campaign was held recently and the
entire college voted to select the student union for the next academic year. The students were allowed to campaign only during breaks. There were relentless screams, shouts and whistles and they created music with just plates and spoons, which echoed across the campus.

This was followed by election speeches by the contestants and the voting process thereafter. Michelle Mathew, a first-year student of journalism, who is contesting for the post of general secretary, was also the captain of her school. She feels that she can put her creativity and leadership skills to good use. “I think I am pretty popular among my
college mates and feel I can lead by example. I also think a leader must be smart, a team player and know how to bring out the best in people. I feel I have all that in me,” she says.

The students say that campaigns and speeches have given them a clear idea of who to choose. Aditi Sunder, a first-year science student, says, “These elections prepare us for the real elections. It is all fair and only the candidate who delivers what she preaches deserves to win. We have a chance to exercise our judgement here,” she says. Sukhanya Rao, a first-year commerce student, says, “This is my first year and I was treated to a very colourful election campaign. This is a learning process and I am really excited to choose the right leader.”      

Principal Sr M Juanita, who has been extremely supportive of the campaigning and the elections, feels that elections are a learning process both for the candidates and students.

“The contesting candidates realise that they have to be true leaders by learning how to work as a team and work hard to instill faith in their teammates. The leaders learn that they have to put others before themselves and being selfish will get them nowhere. This is also the lesson in life when they step outside into the real world,” explains Juanita.
Student welfare officer, Charmaine Jerome, informs that the number of candidates, contesting the elections and those casting the votes have increased.

“There are 16 candidates contesting for four posts and about 5,000 students casting their vote. It’s getting bigger and better by the year. And more than anything, we are facing newer challenges,” she says.