Adding to the ambience

Adding to the ambience

Chill Out

Adding to the ambience

The savvy Bangalorean wants art, entertainment and food under one roof and new hotspots are providing their clientele with just that formula in all the right proportions.

At 64, a new bistro-bar, the eclectic groups of diners and art and music buffs filled the place while a three-member band – Karma 6 played a selection of music specially designed for the mood of the moment.

The trio consisted of Karan on the keyboard, Alwyn on the guitar and a young female vocalist Jerusha. They kept the tempo up and the mood mellow by playing a combination of soft jazz and retro numbers. There is nothing quite like music to add to the ambience of the place and Jerusha with her rich, sultry voice added to the relaxed charm of the evening singing popular tunes from Abba to Cher and encouraged the crowd to join in which they did with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Karan is down from Berkeley, where he studies music and Alwyn, a well-known music composer was voted by a music magazine as one of the top ten guitarists in India. The combination of the three young musicians was very special and the crowd sat back and chilled out over food and beverages, tapping their feet to the beat. It was music that appealed to all age groups and tastes.

“It is really pleasant to have music that is not deafeningly loud so one can interact with the group of friends you came in with and yet enjoy the melody,” said Sasha and Vikram, two young techies, who generally chill out here on weekends.

“We want to provide a platform for young local musicians and artists from different spheres to come together and showcase their talent. Besides lending a flavour to the event, people become familiar with the artists as well,” said Tushar Chauhan from ‘64’.  

Some of the walls of ‘64’ are dedicated ‘artist walls' covered with paintings, charcoal drawings, photographs and a  variety of interesting artwork which patrons can admire as well as buy.