Expressing language through theatre


The students of Alliance Francaise presented ‘Grand thea-13’, a theatre challenge, recently. A treat for the audience, the theatre performances included interesting plays like Jue d’echec, Mon Tableau, La femme mefiante and Casse de luse.

While one play was about French grammar, another was set at a train station. The different plays showcased the skill and proficiency of the students in French. The audience appreciated this effort by the Alliance Francaise to encourage the students of French.

   Hari Naren, the teacher of a group, which enacted a play on a game of chess, spoke about how hard it was to practise for the play since the group only met on weekends. “Despite this, the team stood united, gave its inputs and brought this act together. We have tried to play around with the theme itself.

There are two people playing chess on one side while on the other, there are players acting as chess pieces on a giant chessboard,” said Hari. Veeriesh, the director of the play, said, “All of our teammates are professionals with busy schedules. The play came into being with everyone’s inputs and cooperation.”

Shyamala, who was a part of another play, said that this theatre challenge was a good attempt to correct and make one give his or her best to grammar and pronunciation. “This is a very helpful and joyous event, which makes us realise our fluency with the language as well as celebrate our efforts,” she said.

The audience was equally jubilant about the performance. Roshini G, a student of the Alliance Francaise, said that the event was fun and amusing. She particularly enjoyed the screening of a French film. “How to use the language is what the students clearly tried to depict. The screening of the film and the after-party were the fun parts of the event,” said Roshini.

Sahana, an audience member, said, “The after-party, with a relaxed screening of a film with mattresses on the floor, was fun. The movie was a light-hearted romantic comedy with action. Even those with little knowledge of French could enjoy it.”

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