'I play a compulsive flirt'

Changed looks

'I play a compulsive flirt'

The first release in the new year for actor Tharun Chandra will be his much-hyped movie ‘Goa’, where Tharun has experimented not only with his looks but wears loud clothes that instantly grab a lot of attention. He coloured his hair blonde for the character in the movie. “My character in ‘Goa’ is that of a compulsive flirt and I decided to colour my hair. I even asked the designer to pick loud and colourful clothes for me. I think the clothes and hairstyle blend well with the character,” says Tharun.  

The film is a remake of a Tamil film with the same title. It traces the story of three men from a village who decide to move to the City with a certain plan in mind. What that plan is and whether the three men will succeed in accomplishing it is not revealed till the end of the movie. “I play the role of a flirt and the real challenge lies in turning into someone you aren’t in real life. Essaying this role has added a whole new dimension to my personality and I’ve enjoyed being someone I am not,” Tharun tells Metrolife.  

The actor plays two different characters in the film. The first half has Tharun in an unkempt look, depicting a guy who comes in from a village to Goa in search of a job. “The same village lad tries to slip into a City life by changing his looks to suit an urban setting, like sporting a wacky hairstyle, changing his accent and his clothes. The transition is thoroughly entertaining,” explains Tharun.      
The film is a remake but Tharun has given his own twist to the character. “This film is a romantic-comedy and my loudness — in terms of my body language and dressing — is pleasant and will surely not leave the viewer exasperated. Although a remake, I have tried not to replicate the original character but incorporate a lot of my style into the character instead. It has been tweaked to suit the local tastes,” explains Tharun. The other two characters in the film are Komal and Srikant, and Tharun confesses that the three of them had a great time together.

“When it comes to comedy, Komal has an excellent timing and Srikant is a close friend,” he notes. If Tharun is not in the City, then one is sure to find him in Goa. “Well, Goa is like my second home. I hang out there with my friends and my family quite often. I visit the place at least six times a month and every time I am there, I explore new cuisines and places,” he signs off.

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