So they think they can dance

With twilight, the adrenaline rush soared high as young boys did handstands and balanced their bodies in various angles to grab both attention of masses and marks during the adidas Originals Collision challenge recently held at Garden of Five Senses in the City.

The last stop for this urban street culture movement was added a fresh twist by crews from seven teams across India who displayed some of the best B-Boying battles. One also got to witness some craziest skateboarding by a 5-year old and others.

There was also a small glimpse of BMX riding but couldn't gather much attention! As all the participants defied the rules of gravity at the final collision point, the audiences were left awestruck by the stunts which were performed over four gruelling rounds to reach to the finale.

Rock fresh group from Mumbai won the B-Boying competition. Going beyond the competitive spirit, the visitors also got a chance to witness live graffiti and some entertaining musical performances by Indian artistes including  – Reggae Rajahs, Pentagram and Nucleya.

After sharing a competitive camaraderie with each others, the youngsters took to the performance arena to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship. Grooving to the tunes of Pentagram, Nucleya and Reggae Rajas, everyone present had a blast. While Pentagram played songs such as Nocturne, Human feelings, Voice, Tomorrow's decided, In my head and drive; Nucleya played all the tracks from its album Koocha Monster.

Reggae Rajas on the other hand played dub step and reggae mixes.

Talking about this urban street culture movement Tushar Goculdas, brand director at adidas India said, “While we conclude the first chapter of adidas Originals Collision, it also marks the beginning of a movement that is all in for creativity and self-expression.

Collision is not just a platform where aspiring urban artists, musicians and extreme sports enthusiasts showcase their creativity but is also an opportunity for the youth to learn new skills from the most unique artists in the country."

While some of the most original performers collided and united for the event, the organisers set to bring together more unique individuals in the next episode of this western street-style festival.

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