Gardens as gifts

Last Updated 26 December 2013, 15:48 IST

This festive season, if you are wondering what to gift your dear ones, engage with nature and gift them a garden, suggests Sarah Thomas.

Festivity is in the air with Christmas and New Year around the corner. There are sales everywhere, and you can’t help but notice the shopping spree. And it is always a task to choose what to give your loved ones because it has to be well-liked and surprise the person.

Now, have you considered gifting a living, fresh garden? Seems absurd, right? But no, people have done that in the past, and it has worked out better than they imagined.
“I wanted to give my nephew something he could have for life and something he could benefit from. I just did not know what that ‘something’ was until I came across Purna Organics. Mallesh, its CEO, gave me the idea of gifting a garden. I totally loved it,” says Veena Karlekar, an IT sector employee.

Purna Organics is an established company that pioneers in the concept of ‘garden gifting’ in India. Mallesh says that the concept of gifting plants or giving food has existed since ages. All he has done is improvise it and present it in a new manner. “All a customer has to do is provide us the size of the garden he wishes to have and specify what variety of vegetables he prefers. And we deliver it to her in a span of thirty days,” he says.

A plant requires an area of two square feet to grow. You could gift a garden that is just two square feet in size with one vegetable variety, and it would cost you Rs 1,000. You could also gift one that would have 12 varieties of vegetables for Rs 12,000. This, Mallesh specifies, is a modular garden.

He says that not everyone would have a large space to grow a garden, but with modular gardens that isn’t a problem at all. Nearly everyone has two square feet or more of an area to give for a garden. The cost too is meagre when compared to the gifts you would buy from shops. This is an investment worth making.

You aren’t just giving a gift, you are giving something that would constantly provide for your loved one, something he could use forever. Anything grown at home is a lot healthier than what you get in the markets.

“We provide ready-to-harvest gardens that would take nearly a month to raise, and hence, the customer needs to book the garden in advance. We also take up the responsibility of setting it up. It is transported with care in firm-bottomed boxes, so, there is nothing one has to worry about. In case you want a tomato plant then when we deliver a six to eight inches plant,” he adds.

The gifts are not restricted to vegetables. It can be customised. Exotic plants, edible herbs, an Italian herb garden and, if desired, flowers and ornamental plants too. Or a combination of these makes a great gift.

“Today, Purna Organics has many satisfied customers, which makes me feel elated,” says Mallesh. Sharing his experience, he says that once his customer surprised his wife with a vegetable garden on her birthday. “His wife was a garden lover, and she was on cloud nine when she saw it.” Mallesh points out that ‘garden gifting’ is merely an integration of the culture of growing into the art of gifting. This is a new concept that has been accepted well and appreciated. Anybody would love a touch of green in his/her house.

This festive season engage with nature and gift your dear ones a garden. It would be a surprise indeed, an unforgettable one. You would be doing Mother Earth a favour too. Add a little life into somebody’s life.

(Published 26 December 2013, 15:48 IST)

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