Gift Bangalore a nightlife: Youth

Gift Bangalore a nightlife: Youth

Youngsters dominate Bangalore’s dynamic population. But as far as recreation places go, they complain that their options are very limited.

While restaurants, pubs and malls crowd the city, there are very few theme parks or natural parks available within the city limits. The yuppy crowds wish the new year would bring them something to cheer about.

Vivek Vijay, a free lance photographer, says, "Apart from pubs and restaurants, there are hardly any places to hang out in Bangalore. Most of the parks are in the outskirts, so visiting one takes up a whole day." Sagata Misra, a marketing professional agrees, "There are so many malls mushrooming in the city but there are only so many times that we can visit them. And with each visit our pockets grow considerably lighter."

The 11 pm deadline too is a common cause of discontent for most youth in the city, with a majority complaining that the City’s nightlife is almost non-existent. "We step out at nine and the clubs shut down by 11. Where is the fun in partying then?" wonders Vivek.

Most restaurants too down shutters by midnight, forcing people to head for a couple of outlets allowed to function with special permission from the authorities. For instance, every weekend only a particular chain of restaurants are open on Church street, Indiranagar and Kormangala.

Driven out of the pubs at the stroke of 11, the youngsters move towards these eateries. An ice-cream outlet on MG Road is another choice, but in 2014, they want many more such options.

The yuppy crowds also want the men in khakhi to stop playing spoilsport. "Normally after being shooed away from the clubs at 11, we eat out at Empire and then continue the party at a friend's place. But then the police play the spoilsport. Even if we keep the volume of the music low, they turn up almost every night to disrupt the party,” rues Sagata.

Deadline extension is then high on their agenda for 2014. Here’s an argument, articulated by young professionals like Huna Chaudhary, a software engineer: “The nightlife in the city is severely crippled by this restirction. The deadline should be extended at least till 1 am.”

Sanhita Ghosh, a professional in advertising says, “In cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata people party till around 4 am. Bangalore should grow out of this
restriction on having a nightlife.”

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