Police gear up to give hard time to drunk drivers today

70 traffic cops deployed to stop them in their tracks

As the Capital prepares to celebrate New Year’s Eve, police have geared up to deal with drunk driving, drug consumption and motorcycle stunts.

The Delhi Police’s Narcotics and Crime Prevention Cell will  deploy informers and their staff at and around various pubs and locations where consumption of drugs is suspected.
Large consignments of heroin and cocaine — some of which were also allegedly meant for the New Year parties — have already been seized in the past few days.

However, it will not be easy to catch individual consumption of drugs, said a senior officer with the Narcotics and Crime Prevention Cell. “We have deployed informers at all suspicious locations. We are prepared to act on receiving any input.

“But catching individuals red-handed while they are taking drugs is not possible as these substances are not served openly anywhere in Delhi,” said the officer.

He said the youths either consume drugs in their cars, or at their homes or bring them to pubs.

“We are depending on information about such individuals who get drugs to pubs or consume them in a group. We are also keeping our eyes open for any pub which might deal in drugs,” he said.

Meanwhile, a 70-strong team of Delhi Traffic Police will be deployed across the city to check drunk driving. Those caught in the act, may be given a jail term apart from a fine and suspension of their driving licences, said Anil Shukla, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic).

Police will also keep a check on youths performing stunts on motorcycles and driving recklessly. Special pickets will be set up at seven places in the city to catch such miscreants.

The pubs and discotheques, meanwhile, will not be operating beyond their usual time. In fact, a manager at a popular pub in south Delhi said they are expecting people to arrive at the pub earlier than usual as police will come into action even before the usual time.

Strict timings

“Normally, we operate till 1 am. But tomorrow we will prepare to pack up by 12:30 am itself as police are in greater hurry on this day,” said the manager.

Restrictions will also apply on vehicular movement on the day.

No traffic will be allowed in inner, middle or outer circle of Connaught place from 7 pm till the conclusion of the celebrations.

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