A 'superstitious' advantage worth several lakhs of rupees

Rajesh Vishwakarma is elated and  grateful to superstition. Because of a tantrik ritual, he got back his stolen bag of jewellery worth several lakhs of rupees.

The bag was stolen from his house in Bhainsaha village, about 275 kilometres from Uttar Pradesh’s Azamgarh district.

Although Rajesh had lodged a report with the police, the latter had not been able to nab the thief.
Rajesh told the police that the jewellery had been hidden under the ground and the person, who had stolen it, must have knowledge of this fact and suspected that the thief could be someone known to the family.

As the police investigation failed to yield any result, Rajesh, following the advice of a priest, decided to conduct a ‘tantrik ritual’ at the nearby temple of ‘Bramha Baba' (a village deity). The ritual was performed on Wednesday.

The ‘tantrik’, who had performed the rituals, said that the thief, unless he returned the jewellery within a week, would die after vomiting blood.

Apparently scared by the pronouncement, the thief, according to the reports, quietly threw the jewellery bag in front of Rajesh's house on Saturday night. “No one could see him as it was dark,” Rajesh said.

“We had deliberately spread the pronouncement of the tantrik in a bid to scare the thief and we succeeded in recovering the stolen jewellery,” an elated Rajesh said.

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