'Remember I am a commando'

This MLA of the Aam Aadmi Party is seen wearing an army jacket. No wonder why he is popularly known as commando.

Surender Singh cheated death during the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack as he was a part of operation Black Tornado conducted by the National Security Guards (NSG).

He defeated Bharatiya Janata Party’s Karan Singh Tanwar and Ashok Kumar Jain of Congress from Delhi Cantonment constituency.

Surender Singh served in the Indian Army under the 2nd Battalion of the Grenadiers Regiment. He was selected to the NSG in Special Action Group.

He was injured when a hand grenade lobbed by a terrorist exploded close to him. One of his eardrums was destroyed by the shock wave of the blast. He received multiple splinter injuries in his entire body. Singh was declared unfit for service and so he retired. He even didn’t get pension for a long time.

Singh says he wants to serve people, so he entered the political arena. “God has given me a second life after 26/11. I want to use it for the service of people,” he adds.
“I have made various promises to the people of my constituency. I want to fulfil them.”

He says there is no age to learn. Singh completed his graduation in 2012. “I want all children in my constituency to have access to quality education,” Singh adds. “Education is the key to development.”

He likes playing basketball in his free time. He is not a much of foodie. “I eat whatever I get. Remember I am a commando,” he says.

Singh is often seen wearing an army jacket with his name plate and national flag on it. “I can’t leave this jacket as I have been related to the army for almost my entire life. I have studied in army schools. And when I was 17 years old I joined the army,” he adds.

“The army gave me everything. And it will give Rs 5,000 on my death for my cremation. Ye udhaar mein kabhi nahi chuka paunga (I won’t be able to repay this debt to the army).”

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